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Booker Shortlist 2022 – Small Things Like These


Does this have a Small chance of winning?

BookWorm:  Why it Could Win: It made it this far.

Why it Might Not Win: It is the shortest book on the list and personally I feel the choice of narrator was wrong for the kind of story this is.

Tracy: Why it Could Win: Another book that taught me something. I was unaware of the laundry houses in Ireland, and the treatment of the girls there. The story, however, is heartwarming in itself- kind of a Christmas Carol for modern times.

Why it Might Not Win: It’s easy to overlook this little book. It has a lot to say, but it’s not as flashy as most of the other books.

Nicole: Why it Could Win: To set the bookworld abuzz about how short it is.

Why it Might Not Win:  Look, I liked this a lot, but I don’t see how a 2-hour read can be in the same contest as a 12-hour read.

Anita: Why it Could Win: The book has heart, history, and a main character people can relate to/like.

Why it Might Not Win: At the end of the day, it’s a short story, and I think some judges probably realize that.

Lisa: Why it Could Win: It’s a simple story of courage to do what is right.

Why it Might Not Win:  it’s a simple story.

Have you read this one how do you rate its chances?

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  1. I loved this and I think its brevity is a sign of the author’s skill. A book doesn’t have to be a chunkster to have literary merit. However I agree it won’t win. The same goes for Oh William! What wins will probably be something challenging to most general readers. Sorry to be so cynical.

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    October 10, 2022

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