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Valentines Special Book Blind Date & Challenge

If you are reading this, I am betting that, like me, at some point in your life you have sworn that no matter what happens you will not get another book until you have reduced your current TBR pile to a manageable level. And, like me, you know you are doomed to fail. Full of good intentions, I went to the local library to return a book swearing I would not pick up another one (spoiler alert I failed). Just in the doorway I was greeted with this display — could you resist? I mean really? wpid-20150213_131209.jpg After careful consideration, I chose my blind date: “Fiction Victorian Supernatural Romp” wpid-20150210_135949-1.jpg When I got to work I had to share my excitement with the office and it was then that I discovered there are two meanings to ‘romp’…

1) What I thought my book would be an adventure (romp)

2) What everyone in the office thought my book would be sex (romp)

So what is my blind date book…

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