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Jen’s rating system:

I begin my rating based on how much I like the book. Then I add or subtract stars based on a range of other criteria including:
1) writing quality & style (e.g., clarity, simplicity vs. complexity, use of humor, wit, satire, harmony, rhythm, effectiveness of dialogue).
2) characters & character development (e.g. are characters flat or 3-dimensional, do characters experience growth throughout the book, etc.).
3) plot (any devices of plot complication or resolution, is there sub-plot, etc.)
4) setting (e.g., a sense of atmosphere, scenic effects used & effective, etc.).
5) novelty or uniqueness (e.g., writing style, story, etc.)
6) contribution/influence (influences– on society, the genre, future books, movies).
7) knowledge learned (a strictly personal category since I don’t assume that information that is new to me will be new to everyone else & vice versa).
8) depth (e.g., is this just a good story or does the author do more than tell a story? use of symbolism, motifs, parody, allegory).

So, my final rating system will look something like this but will vary according to criteria I listed above:

★ Hated it, & no redeeming additional qualities noted. Recommend avoiding it.
★★ Disliked it, may have 1 redeeming quality (writing style, novelty, etc).
★★★ Liked it or may have a few interesting qualities.
★★★★ Really liked it & it has at least a couple interesting qualities.
★★★★★ Loved almost everything about it. Only a few, if any, minor limitations noted.

Book Worm’s Rating system

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