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Non 1001 Book Review – City on Fire Garth Risk Hallberg


Has it come to this “great American novel?” Are you cliche? Are we? I know one thing, this book is.

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Winter Scavenger Hunt: A Book with Water on the Cover

leaving the sea

Item number 4 on our winter scavenger hunt list is a book that features water on the cover. Our participants have selected some good ones so far (you can check out those selections here) and we hope you’ll add your own suggestions or recommendations for good books that feature water on the cover. I’m making relatively slow progress on my list. I chose Ben Marcus’ Leaving the Sea: Stories for my book. Here’s what I thought (prepare yourself for a full-on rant). Read more

The Buried Giant by Ishiguro

buried giant

A while back I made a prediction that The Buried Giant would make the Man Booker Longlist. This was based primarily on the buzz surrounding the book because I hadn’t yet read it. Did my opinion change after I read the book? Read the review to find out. Read more

1001 Book Review: Erewhon by Samuel Butler


Erewhon by Samuel Butler
Published in: 1872
Reviewed by: Book Worm and Jen
Find it here:Erewhon (Dover Thrift Editions)

Synopsis (from Amazon): Erewhon (an anagram for “nowhere”) is a faraway land where sickness is a punishable crime, criminals receive compassionate medical treatment, and machines are banned (for fear they’ll evolve and become the masters of man). Butler’s entertaining and thought-provoking Utopian novel takes aim at such hallowed institutions as family, church, and mechanical progress; its remarkable prescience in anticipating future sociological trends adds a special relevance for today’s readers.

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