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Booker Shortlist 2022 – Treacle Walker


Will this be the one to Walk away with the prize?

BookWorm: Why it Could Win: Beloved author and a lot of people seem to love this.

Why it Might Not Win: To me it feels like it would be inaccessible to a lot of readers who are not familiar with the myths/legends it invokes also the outlandish language can be off putting.

Tracy: Why it Could Win: First, let me say that I’m probably the only one on this panel that loved this book. I saw so much in it- there are folk stories, a treatise on aging, remaining relevant as we age, fantasy- I could go on and on. This requires more than one reading, and I will probably read it over the years to see what else I can glean from it as I age.

Why it Might Not Win: It’s not easy to understand the language, and a person has to be in the right mood to read it

Nicole: Why it Could Win:  Sentimentality – or someone lost a bet.

Why it Might Not Win:  It’s got a true shot, I fear.  The very little bit I read of it was super repetitive so not only is it super short, but what is written is repeated.  Like “Small Things” it just doesn’t seem fair to compare to much more in depth books.

Anita: Why it Could Win:  Innovative with a fun, fresh use of language by a highly regarded, old author.

Why it Might Not Win: The plot is unintelligible.

Have you read this one what do you think its chances are?

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