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Our top 10 books of 2017

In lieu of our traditional monthly recap, we are posting our list of top ten books published in 2017. Keep reading to see which books made the cut and let us know whether you agree or disagree. Add your favorite books to the list in the comments section. Read more

Worst books of 2016

We recently posted our top 10 list of books published in 2016. This week we’re letting you in on our least favorite reads of 2016. I do feel kind of bad listing a worst of 2016 list however, this list is subjective and really just a reflection on which books we read during 2016 (not necessarily those published in 2016) that we didn’t particularly enjoy or with which we didn’t really connect. Many of these books will be ones that lots of readers love. What do you think or our list? Read more

The Worst Books We Read in 2015

thumbs down

So we have done our top 10 best books of 2015 and I (Book Worm) felt it was then only fair to share our worst books of 2015. See which books made our list of worst books we read in 2015. Read more

Our Top Ten Books

In the last few months various outlets have been publishing their top books of 2015. We thought we’d join in with the top ten books we read in 2015 and our top 5 books published in 2015. Find out which books made our lists and scroll down for links to a number of other “best of 2015 lists.” Read more