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Booker International Shortlist 2022 – Tomb of Sand

Tomb of Sand

Will this one keep its head above sand?

Tracy’s Thoughts:

Why it could win: When a person is in the mood for this meandering writing style that is very Indian, this is a great option.

Why it might not win: It really needed some editing. Not everyone wants to read several descriptions of the same incident, place, person, etc.

Rachel’s Thoughts: This was an absolute joy to read.

Why it could win: It’s a celebration of language(s) and translation, it’s the first Hindi book to be nominated, it’s funny and moving and opened my eyes to horrors I should have known more about. Plus crows.

Why it might not win: The plot may wander off a little, it could probably be a tiny bit tighter, and it is up against another hugely ambitious historical novel.

BookWorm’s Thoughts: For plain enjoyment this is my favourite on the list.

Why it could win: The use of language is magical, the story is original and it is a lot of fun while still having a serious message.

Why it might not win: It is definitely not bleak enough for Booker.

What do you think is this the one to walk away with the prize?

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