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Booker International Shortlist 2022 – Elena Knows

Elena Knows

Do we already know our winner?

Tracy’s Thoughts:

Why it could win: It’s memorable- Elena is a character I won’t soon forget, and the way Pinero writes about Parkinsonism and aging is brilliantly done. Plus, it slyly addresses other important issues, such as women’s rights and personhood.

Why it might not: One of the judges had a bad experience with someone like Elena?

Rachel’s Thoughts: This is the author I want to go back and read everything from – I’m so pleased to have been introduced to her work.

Why it could win: Thought-provoking, highly relevant, great characters, great story, such effective writing and translation – and a perspective we rarely see.

Why it might not win: I almost wonder if this is too readable, too close to crime fiction.

BookWorm’s Thoughts: 

Why it could win: I love this book, it is great to see a central character with a degenerative condition and it is great that the author doesn’t shy away from describing the challenges involved in depth. A viewpoint we rarely see and one that I (with Ankylosing Spondylitis) really appreciated.

Why it might not win: Because I love it and the Booker judges usually choose my least favourite book.

What do you think is this the winner?

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