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Booker International Short List 2022 – The Books of Jacob

The Books of Jacob

Is this the book to win the Booker?

Tracy’s Thoughts:

Why it could win: It’s brilliant. The author won a Nobel Prize for a reason- her writing and capturing time, place and characters are mind-blowing.

Why it might not: It’s soooooooo loooooong.

Rachel’s Thoughts: Easily my reading event of the year so far. I’m still amazed how much I enjoyed this, and am looking forward to re-reading. Unheard of!

Why it could win: Wonderful storytelling, writing that just flows, and so much of relevance to today. Such an epic piece of work!

Why it might not win: I think this has been the favourite to win since the start, and Tokarczuk has won before. I’m sure the judges wouldn’t want to get predictable!

BookWorm’s Thought: Unpopular Opinion Alert….

Why it could win: It is the longest book on the list (and felt like it) and the based on previous winners the judges do like to torture readers.

Why it might not win: It is not IMO Tokarczuk’s best work and if it was the first of her books I had read I would have been tempted not to read anymore.

What do you think is this the winner?

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  1. I’ve just started reading it. About 80 pages in, enjoying it so far, but as you say : it’s so oooo l o o o o n g . Must admit to feeling daunted.

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    May 19, 2022

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