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Man Booker 2018 Predictions


Our panel collectively read all 13 nominated books and most of us read all, or almost all of the shortlisted books. Over the past several months we have posted our reviews, rankings, and thoughts of all the books. Keep reading to see which book we think will take home the prize.

Our collective rankings of all books using our “objective” scorecard ranked The Overstory as our top book (interestingly, we think a woman will win this year but our top two were written by men). Below each of our panelists list their pick for Man Booker winner.

Andrew’s Prediction: I’ve got no idea. Considering I made it through only 2 of the short list books (The Overstory and Milkman), I’m the least qualified to comment. Given the reviews of the others on the panel, and the fact that it was a crazy year, I’m going to go with Milkman. Why? It’s different, it’s (in a way) topical, it’s a woman author and the last few winners were men… but who knows?

Nicole’s Prediction:  Milkman –Anna Burns is my pick.

Jen’s Prediction: Like Nicole and Andrew, I’m also going to pick the Milkman to win it all. Personally, I think that The Long Take should win but I think Milkman will ultimately win (although rumor has it Everything Under is the favorite). I think a woman will win this year and of all the books on the list I think Milkman has the most literary merit (despite my not caring for it).

Anita’s Prediction: Everything Under by Daisy Johnson is my choice for the winner.  I arrived at this prediction more by a process of elimination than by my personal passion for the book.  Not U.S author. Not male author. Not polarizing.  Which left me with Washington Black vs. Everything Under.  I personally preferred the former, but think the latter is more inventive and original.  Last year, I didn’t go with my personal favorite either (Lincoln in the Bardo), so of course, it won.  Hope I don’t make the same mistake twice.

Book Worm’s Prediction: For ticking all the boxes The Overstory should win, for being most original The Long Take should win but I am going to predict that Everything Under will win. Reason for my prediction debut novel, female author, beautiful writing, slightly controversial in terms of subject matter and most importantly my favourite read from the Short List.

So there you have it, a slightly divided panel. The Man Booker winner will be announced tomorrow. Which book do you think will win? Why?

We hope you’ve enjoyed following our panel through the Man Booker season. We look forward to starting it all over again next year!

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  1. I was only able to read four of the six books; for the ones I read, I hope Milkman wins and if not Milkman then The Overstory. I did also read Washington Black and Everything Under – out of those two I prefer Washington Black. Interestingly, I did not dislike Everything Under and it seems to be the favorite to win, but it lacked for me. It was welll written yet I felt like I was on a bizarre hunt for finding…what?…peace, self, understanding…maybe all those but the book didn’t have much of an affect on me until the very ending. I would agree it’s a powerful story considering the ending, and the language used. I would argue that Milkman is more powerful. I didn’t read The Long Take and wish I had the opportunity to do so, but it is too difficult to get my hands on it especially in a timely manner.

    I enjoy all of your reviews for the Man Booker Prize – I am glad you all took this on.

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    October 16, 2018
  2. Janine P #

    Thanks so much for this blog. It is really great to read your reviews.


    October 16, 2018

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