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2018 Man Booker Short list predictions

Our shadow panel of 6 judges managed to collectively read all 13 books. We rated all the books on the following criteria: 1) writing quality; 2) originality; 3) character development; 4) plot development; and 5) enjoyment.  Based on our collective ratings we came up with a group shortlist. Keep reading to find out how each book was ranked and which books we predict will make the list. The shortlist will be announced tomorrow.  Read more

2018 Man Booker: Longlist thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our longlist reviews and are ready to make our shortlist predictions! Before we make our predictions we’d like to share some of our favorites and least favorites. Similar to last year, each of our panelists responded to a list of 20 questions about the longlist books. We asked about favorite writing, favorite plot, best title, favorite cover, and more. Keep reading to see what each judge selected as their top books for various categories.  Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: Normal People

normal people

The final book for our shadow panel is Normal People by Sally Rooney. Three of our judges read this book. Later tonight we’ll post our overall thoughts about the entire long list and tomorrow morning we’ll post our shortlist predictions. Here are our reviews for Normal People. Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: In Our Mad and Furious City

in our mad

Number 12 for our panel is In our Mad and Furious City. Book Worm and I both read it, Nicole started it but hasn’t finished it yet but hopefully she will add her thoughts to the comments section. Here are our two reviews. Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: Washington Black

washington black

We are coming up on the closing stretch with only three more reviews left which we will post over the next day and a half — blame that on my trying to cram 3 books in the final 4 days. We’ll also be posting our predictions and overall thoughts of the longlist in two days.

Next up for our panel is Washington Black. Two of our panelists (myself and Book Worm) read this book and I believe Anita is about halfway done so she may drop her comments in the comment section. Here are our reviews of Washington Black… Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: Everything Under

everything under

Next up for our panel is another book that only Book Worm and I managed to read this before the shortlist announcement: Everything Under by Daisy Johnson. Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: The Long Take

the long take

Book #9 for our panel is a book that was only read by two of us: The Long Take by Robin Roberston. Here are our reviews…

Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: Milkman

the milkman

Next up, Milkman by Anna Burns. Most of our panel managed to read this longlisted book. Once again we are pretty split on the book. Here are our reviews. Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: From a Low and Quiet Sea by Donal Ryan

low and quiet sea

We’ll be churning out the rest of the longlist this week in hopes to cram them all in before the shortlist announcement is mad. Next up for our panel is Donal Ryan’s newest book, From a Low and Quiet Sea. Here are our reviews… Read more

2018 Man Booker Longlist: Snap


Next up is Snap by Belinda Bauer. Five of our panelists read this book. Here are our reviews… Read more