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Summer Challenge Update #8


It’s time for a Summer Challenge update!  Next Sunday will be our final challenge update before the close of the competition September 22. Keep reading to find out who is in the lead and see who made the honorable mentions.

The final day of the challenge will be September 22. You can submit your last review anytime up until midnight of your time zone (just let us know which time zone you are in when you post). Nanny Ogg is getting closer and closer! She is only one more  destination away from returning home. There’s a pretty fierce battle going on for 2 and 3rd places. Who will emerge victorious?

Winners of all prizes will be announced on September 27 so make sure to check back on that day to see if you won. Our new challenge (and low-key challenge) will also be announced on that day!

Think you should win Most Creative or Most True to the Spirit of the game? Plead your case in the comments section. Judges will be able to see your arguments for why you should win. Simply give your reasons along with examples of book-destination pairings that best reflect your reasons. Don’t be modest. It will be tough to determine winners so any little bit may help you!

Here are the standings to date:

Frequent Flyers (a.k.a the scoreboard):
Nanny Ogg -32 (pages read: 10,158)
Anne Shirley – 26 (pages read: 7,246)
Glo-worm – 24 (pages read: 7,739)
Tracy S – 23 (pages read: 6,252)
LibraryCin – 21 (pages read: 6,638)
Rachel Morgan – 21 (pages read: 6,539)
Chili -20 (pages read: 8,934)
Ursula – 20 (pages read: 5,999)
Maxibob-18 (pages read 4,926)
Aarti -15 (pages read: 3,441)
Jaenelle Angelline-14 (pages read: 4,391)
Nicole – 13 (pages read: 4,652)
Luna – 12 (pages read: 2,064)
Second Honeymoon – 11 (pages read: 3,261)
Sushicat – 10 (pages read: 4,043) +3 when all group members have finished.
Morgen -8 (pages read: 3,246)
Jean Paget – 8 (pages read: 1,638)
Nia -7 (pages read: 2,387)
Tanya -7 (pages read: 2,063)
John -6 (pages read: 3,070)
Tiger Lily – 6 (pages read: 1,870)
Jo March -5 (pages read: 1,791)
Emily -5 (pages read: 1,308)
Becky -4 (pages read: 1,150)
Yvonne – 2 (pages read: 541)
Kate T – 2 (pages read: 479)
Missy Bee – 1 (pages read: 336)

NOTE: I found some mistakes in my scoring for a few of you. I have corrected the ones I noticed. Most impacted was Nanny Ogg for whom I was missing one book and was off by 1000 pages. I corrected this but will be going through all of your scores carefully this week to confirm they are correct. If you notice any mistakes, let me know.

Honorable mentions: Jen’s favorite location-book pairing since last update was read by Rachel Morgan with Chicken for the Traveler’s Soul for Adventure Travel. BW’s favorite location-book pairing was read by Nanny Ogg with Confederacy of Dunces for Award Ceremony (a book Jen personally hated).

Since we are so close to the end, we will not be giving out any more destination tips. As we move into the final two week stretch, which book has been your favorite? Least favorite?

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  1. JoLene R #

    Since no one took you up on the offer to plead their case, I will put in a bid.

    For Survival Camp, I read The Doomsday Book which is a book featuring time travel. When a young historian is accidentally sent to the wrong time, she winds up in England just when the plague is breaking out. Surviving the plague is definitely something that most modern people can say they’ve done!! (I had this book on my TBR for a long time, so I was excited when I was actually able to make it fit to one of the categories).

    Liked by 1 person

    September 21, 2015
    • excellent! People should definitely plead their cases so I’m glad you did so. Judges will get to see these comments so it will help you!


      September 21, 2015

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