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And the winners are….


After a LONG few days of seemingly endless tabulation, we have finally calculated the winners of our summer challenge. For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge you can read about it here. Twenty-nine participants read almost 400 books, over 123,000 pages, and “traveled” to over 100 destinations. Participants were given travel passports with 30 destinations. It was up to each participant to pick books to fit their travel destinations.  Participants were vying for 4 prizes (most well traveled/read, most true to the spirit of the game, most creative, and a random selection).

For Most True to the Spirit of the Game, Book Worm and I came up with 5 criteria to score each book: 1) author from destination (born, raised, or living); 2) set in or focused on the destination (in other words not just one location mentioned in the book but rather the bulk of the book had to be focused/set in the destination); 3) over 400 pages; 4) either a non-fiction or considered a classic from that country/destination; and 5) general good fit for the destination.

For Most Creative Book Worm and I, along with one other judge, looked at each book-destination pairing and gave 1 point to any book we thought was a creative choice for the destination. Thus any one book could have 0-3 points for creativity.

Keep reading to find out if you won any of the prizes. Read more