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Upcoming Content

Upcoming content:
We’ve finally gotten organized and are posting a list of what will be our regular content for this blog. We know you don’t want your inboxes cluttered with posts so the plan is to post approximately 2-3 times a week. Check out our regular segments below and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to read about here. Recurring content will be tagged by title of the segment to make it easier for you to search content.

Love it or Hate it!
Scheduled Post: 1st of every month


Have you ever noticed how some books seem to drive a wedge between people? You check the reviews and find almost no middle-of-the-road ratings. Instead people either seem to love it or hate it. Well, welcome to the new Love it or Hate it post category! Each month, we’ll pick one book to review. Two contributors will battle it out to convince you to pick it up or throw it out.

You, the reader will be able to vote on whether you loved or hated the book or, if you haven’t yet read the book, whether you feel driven to pick it up and read it lock it away in the dusty “never to be read” shelves.

Coming soon, on February 1, 2015: Atonement by Ian McEwan. And, for our very first Love it or Hate it, the first person to comment on that post with a “I want it” will win a used (but in mint condition) copy of the book.


Read Around the World

Scheduled Post: 8th of the month



Join us as we travel the globe in books. Each month we’ll post a review to represent a book for a different country around the world. Books that qualify for any specific country will do so on the basis of either the author or the primary focus/setting of the book.

Featured Author:

Scheduled Post: 15th of the month




Each month we will feature a short blub about a featured author. The blub will include basic biographical information along with our favorite and least favorite books by that author.


Kid’s Corner

Scheduled Post 22nd of the month

Kid's Corner

Join my daughter and I as we review a picture book. Every month we will pick a new children’s book to review together.

 1001 books to read before you Die

Scheduled Post: 4th & 18th of each month (approximate dates)

Approximately every two weeks we will post a review from Boxall’s 1001 Books to Read before you Die list.

Random Review

Scheduled post: 11th & 25th of each month (approximate dates)

Approximately every two weeks we will post a review of a non-list book that we have read. Random Reviews will include both our own reviews of non-1001 books in addition to occasional guest reviews.

Other Content

Scheduled at random intervals as the mood strikes and will include:

  1. reader polls
  2. lists
  3. book news
  4. Books from my life (books that had special meaning in our lives).
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