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Twitter for Book Lovers

twitterI have to admit that I’m a lousy twitter user. I barely tweet or retweet anything and sometimes months will pass before I even look at my account. But as I sit at home semi-delirious watching Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang for the millionth time (my 4 year old’s favorite movie and my husband and I are both too sick fight the screen time battle), I’ve decided to take a look at it again.

There are a lot of great twitter accounts for book lovers. Below are a few that I like.

  1. Author, Neil Gaiman. @Neilhimself. Even if you don’t love his books, he’s amusing to follow and he frequently responds to his fan’s messages.
  2. Author, Margaret Atwood/@MargaretAtwood . Recommended for people who like her books and her political views (and she can be a polarizing author). Maybe a good one for a Love it or Hate it segment in the future?). She tweets about a lot of topics, not just books. Since she’s also an environmental activists, many posts are focused on political or environmental issues.
  3. Carolyn Kellog, a LA times book blogger @paperhaus. She’s funny and posts interesting news about all things book related.
  4. Guardian Books/@Guardianbooks. I often read their book reviews on the website. Their twitter account is a good way of keeping current of all book-related news. Plus fun lists and article links (e.g., 15 signs to prove you are a book addict).
  5. New York Times Books@nytimesbooks. Book reviews, news, author profiles and more. It’s the New York Times Book Review, enough said.

Who do you follow? Do you have any favorite account?

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  1. Kristel #

    I’m lousy too, I use it as my newspaper. I only have to read a sentence or two.


    January 24, 2015

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