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Booker Shortlist 2022 – Oh William!


Oh Will this win?

BookWorm: Why it Could Win: At some point surely Strout has to win the prize. A great novel about people and relationships.

Why it Might Not Win:  Feels slightly light weight in comparison to some of the other books.

Tracy: Why it Could Win: This is Elizabeth Strout. She is one of my always-read authors, and this book didn’t disappoint. It’s straightforward, old-fashioned good storytelling.

Why it Might Not Win: It’s straightforward, old-fashioned storytelling. And Lucy isn’t Olive.

Nicole: Why it Could Win: For the same reason it was nominated, I guess.  Booker likes Strout.

Why it Might Not Win: While it was good, we’ve all read it before.

Anita: Why it Could Win: It actually stands out in the shortlist for its quiet insight into the human condition.

Why it Might Not Win: It’s probably not original enough.  End of story.

Lisa: Why it Could Win: It was a pleasure to read, and I loved how Lucy’s perspective on William said just as much about herself as about William.

Why it Might Not Win: It’s quiet. It may be less exciting than the other choices

Have you read this one what do you think its chances are?

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