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Booker International Shortlist 2022 – Septology A New Name

A New Name

Is this the new name of the Booker International winner?

Tracy’s Thoughts:

Why it might win: This is well received and favorably reviewed.

Why it might not win: It’s part of a series. It is also hard to get into.

Rachel’s Thoughts: I don’t really understand the appeal…

Why it could win: …so I’m pretty much expecting this to win.

Why it might not win: You really do need to read the whole of the Septology to appreciate this one – and the prize is for single books these days!

BookWorm’s Thoughts: 

Why it could win: This is the only short list book I have not read which pretty much guarantees it will win.

Why it might not win: Last book in a series

Would you bet on this one? 

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