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Read Around the World November 2021: Brunei


Map link 

This is one real world destination I would really love to visit.

Fun facts about Brunei from this website:

  • According to local historiography, when first landing on Brunei, Awang Alak Betatar, the man who later founded the Sultanate of Brunei, exclaimed: “Baru nah” which means “that’s it!” The name Brunei was derived from these two words.
  • Brunei Has The Largest Residential Palace In The World
  • Brunei Has An Entire Settlement Supported By Stilts On A River
  • Southeast Asia’s Biggest And Most Expensive Amusement Park Is In Brunei
  • Brunei Has Some Of The World’s Most Picture-Perfect Mosques
  • The Sultan Of Brunei Is The World’s Second Longest Reigning Current Monarch. Who is the longest reigning monarch – why no other than my own Queen Elizabeth II
  • The Rainforests Of Brunei Are Home To Some Of The World’s Rarest Wildlife Species
  • Brunei Has A Monument Celebrating The Billionth Barrel Of Oil Produced

I chose to visit Brunei via The Fisherman King by Kathrina Mohd Daud. Goodreads actually does a really good job of summing up this book so I will let them do it here:  Eight years ago, Lisan the fisherman, who has always believed he was descended from royalty, left his wife and the Water Village. Now he’s back, and he says he can prove it. Six hundred years ago, a forbidden relationship between the royal children of Brunei set into motion a chain of events that will end with the death of a king…or the death of a god. As the story of Lisan’s true intentions – and what he was really doing in those years away – unravels, the story of those doomed royal children also spins to its inevitable conclusion.

I loved the way the book blended fairy tales being told to a royal prince (folklores of Brunei) with the events that are happening in the books present day. I loved the details about life in the water village and about how the villagers view our central characters. The descriptions of the treasure dives are both beautiful and scary and the final show down is well done without crossing the line into “campy” horror. For me the less detail (or visuals when watching a film) about the monster we are given the more terrifying we can imagine it to be. A bitter sweet story about family, love, sacrifice and what it means to put others before yourself.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants an easy way into the world of Brunei.

Other readers chose to visit in the following ways:

Rockpools on Litsy – The Fisherman King which she enjoyed.

Currey on Litsy – The Fisherman King rated pick.

Simona – Some Girls by Jillian Lauren rated pick.

Did you join us on this leg of our world trip? What did you read?

For December we are heading to Malta what will you be reading?

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