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Booker 2021 Our Predictions for Winner


BookWorm:  For me the winner has to be Bewilderment this book has it all. It is timely, it is relevant, it is beautiful and it really spoke to me.

Tracy: Fortune Men

Nicole:  Do I go with the majority, or do I pick an outlier ….I’m torn between The Promise and Bewilderment.  Grrr, still agitated about Great Circle.  I’m going with … The Promise.

Lisa:  Bewilderment really pulled it all together for me… a parent who loves his child but is bewildered by both the child and the world in which they live. That is, our world.

Anita:  I only read three of the six shortlisted novels, and none of the three really worked for me.  The shortlist overall didn’t really appeal to me this year, but I strongly suspect, the winner will be Bewilderment.

Who do you think will win?