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Booker Shortlist 2021: The Promise

Damon Galgut - The Promise

Is this looking promising for the win?


Why it Could Win:.When I first read this I called it as a potential Booker book and I was right.

Why it Might Not Win:  The book doesn’t focus enough on the titular promise instead that part of the story is largely avoided. I would have liked more details around the promise and less running away from it.


Why it Could Win: It’s well written, and has mainstream appeal.

Why it Might Not Win: It’s a story that has been told before, and better. (Doris Lessing’s The Grass is Singing comes to mind)


Why it Could Win:  It’s a sad and touching story, beautifully written that deals with South Africa apartheid without necessarily knocking you on the head about it.

Why it Might Not Win:  Mixed reviews, dark, perhaps not as au courant.  (Though I’d argue that last point.)


Why it Could Win: The history of a family set against the history of apartheid in South Africa

Why it Might Not Win:  I simply did not find it to be particularly interesting, and I thought that the constant jumping from one character’s point of view to another was jarring.


Why it Could Win: The author has incredible mastery of the narrative voice . . .which is uniquely omniscient.  He might deserve the nod for that alone.

Why it Might Not Win:  There’s nothing uplifting or joyful in the whole book, and to me, the characters were flat and unsympathetic.

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  1. I love all your “puns” (I guess they are puns, whatever they are they are clever.)

    Liked by 1 person

    November 4, 2021
    • Book Worm #

      Thank you they are indeed little puns LOL


      November 5, 2021
  2. OMG – He won! I guessed right. Go ME!

    Liked by 1 person

    November 4, 2021
    • Book Worm #

      Go you indeed


      November 5, 2021

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