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Booker Shortlist 2021: No-One is Talking About This


Will this be the one to get people talking?


Why it Could Win:. The second half is a beautiful examination of what it means to be a family when not everything is rosy in the garden.

Why it Might Not Win:  The first half lets the book down it is not that original and all the narrative techniques have been done before.


Why it Could Win: It’s innovative, heart-wrenching and humorous all at the same time.

Why it Might Not Win: The use of tweets and social media may alienate some readers.


Why it Could Win:   It’s smart, funny, topical and timely.  This could be a sleeper and pull out a win.

Why it Might Not Win:  Because these judges shortlisted Great Circle, so we obviously have nothing in common.  I’m kidding.  Other books just may be that little bit stronger.


Why it Could Win: The contrast between the first half of the book and the second reflects the extremes which are currently available in our society — from vapid online “clever” posts to deep human connection.

Why it Might Not Win: Bewilderment packs a stronger emotional punch.


Why it Could Win: Fresh, very “of the moment” book that managed to also weave in a superior and touching secondary plotline that raised the book to another level.

Why it Might Not Win: The whole Twitter aspect is gimmicky and definitely is unlikely to be timeless.

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