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Lost Children Archive – Valeria Luiselli

Lost Children Archive – Valeria Luiselli
Published in: 2019
Reviewed by: Nicole
Rating: 5/5

lost children

Ground Control to Major Tom

I consume most of my books on audio at this point, and I feel like sometimes I’m missing out.  For example, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous must be read, whereas, Daisy Jones and the Six was enhanced by the audio experience.  At first I thought this book should be read.  It’s narrated by the author, and I found her narration rather flat, though I was utterly enchanted by her mild accent.

But this is a book about (among other things) the sounds in our lives and after about an hour of listening, I knew this book was designed for audio and nobody could have read it but the author.  This book felt deeply personal – as if she were telling us about this point in her life.  A crossroads where relationships and careers should be examined.

There’s a road trip, the border crisis, history, a girl with a brother, a boy with a Polaroid, a man with mission, a woman with a map and children …. Lost. Found. Other.

It’s a multi-media experience (the audio comes with a 30-page PDF) and great decisions in the audio performance that I feel would have been lost in the reading.

It was an original story, relateable and beautifully told.


lost children





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  1. Lynsey #

    I loved this book and was so excited to see it long listed for the Booker prize. Your review makes me want to go back and listen to it. Thanks!


    July 25, 2019

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