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Group Read: Infinite Jest


Never read Infinite Jest? A few of us over at Litsy will be doing a buddy read of Infinite Jest starting Feb 1. What does this mean exactly? We’ll be me making our way through the book very slowly (about 55-70 pages each week) and along the way we’ll be discussing the book, posting quotes and photos, and providing encouragement to each other.

Unfortunately, you have to have Litsy (available as an app for iPhone and Android) to participate but it’s free and addicting once you get the hang of it. The photo above has a rough guideline for what we will be reading each week. Come join us.  To join in, find me over at Litsy (I’m JenP) and you’ll see the posts I’ve made about it. Then you’ll just use the hashtag #InfiniteJestBuddyRead to participate in the discussion.

Hope to see you over there. We will start reading Feb 1, but over the next few days I’ll be posting some tips on how to get started and some questions to get us warmed up.

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  1. I would like to join but finding “listy” a challenge to find. I have never heard of it before and nothing in the search list is coming up as an obvious hit. Can you post what the app logo looks like or some other way to identify the correct app?

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    January 27, 2017
    • hope you can join us!


      January 27, 2017
      • I made it! And Lana helped me discover my error. I was reading LiSTy not LiTSy, hehe.

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        January 27, 2017
      • Great, I followed you back and tagged you in a few posts so you can catch up to the discussion -we start reading on feb 1! But before you can add your own prep photos, questions, etc. just use the hashtag so we can all read your updates!

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        January 27, 2017
  2. Hmmm, tempting, I did tell myself that I would re-read it one day.

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    January 27, 2017
    • Hmm, I think that day has arrived! Would love to read it with you

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      January 27, 2017
  3. Book Worm #

    Found this article about Infinite Jest guess when I do get round to reading it I wont be reading on the Kindle lol

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    February 2, 2017

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