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Reader’s Room Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

It’s official! Today is the start of our winter reading challenge. We hope that many of you join us over the next 3.5 months for our Reader’s Room Scavenger Hunt. Each day in December we will post a fun item or task for you to tackle. You then have until March 15 to find the perfect book, read it, provide a short review, and provide photo evidence.  Read as many books as you want for the challenge. Reading even one book will qualify you to win cool bookish prizes. Keep reading to learn more.

We have posted the first item on the challenge page! You can start your reading now.

The main goal for this challenge it to have fun and expand your reading horizons! Although one prize will be awarded to the person who reads the most, we encourage you to go at your own pace and read books for items that are of personal interest to you, rather than try to speed read your way through the list.

Most prizes will be awarded at the official close of the contest (March 15) however, we will keep the challenge open through December 2016 for those of you who wish to take your time and complete all tasks. At the end of the year, we will have one more prize that will be awarded randomly to a participant who has completed the whole list.

Here are some tips and challenge info (full instructions are posted on challenge page):

  • Try to locate books at your local library or your physical TBR list at home. If you do need to buy books, help us out and use our Amazon link to buy books. This will allow us to give out better prizes at the end of the challenge. Just click this link then click on the “powered by Amazon logo” to take you to the full amazon site. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and we get about 5-30c for each book you buy.
  • Check in to our challenge page daily this month to see the new item revealed OR follow us on twitter because we will also post them there (#rrscavengerhunt).
  • You can join the challenge at any time during the 3.5 months. You just need to read 1 book to be eligible for prizes.
  • Post your photo evidence on twitter (#rrscavengerhunt), our facebook page, or the Wikia page we created for this challenge.
  • If you use the Wikia page, remember to either log in OR identify yourself by whatever name you go by here so we know who you are.
  • You can post your star rating and book review anywhere (amazon, goodreads, shelfari, your blog, or the Wikia page) but when you update your tally on the challenge main page, you’ll need to add the link to that  review so we can make sure your tally is correct.
  • At least one item requires that you search for something on our blog and there are some items that are very tricky to find. We suggest that if you complete those tasks early, you wait to post your review/evidence until right before the end of the active competition (March 15). Otherwise, someone else will be able to use your hard work.
  • Try your best to post unique items. In other words, we want you to do your own research and not simply select books that other participants have posted for their answers. It’s more fun for everyone to see what people find for their items/books if you are all doing your own research.
  • Some items may be eligible for hidden prizes. In the event that two or more people pick the same book to read for a specific hidden prize item, only the first person who posted that particular book will be eligible to win the prize.
  • You must read a book for every item so chose wisely. Some items may ask you to find a book with certain things on the cover. Pick carefully because you’ll also have to read that book to get the item checked off.

So have fun and choose wisely! Book Worm and I will be joining you in this challenge although we won’t compete for prizes.

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  1. Question: When you say to post a picture for proof, what kind of picture are you talking about? A picture of our book? Me reading the book? What?


    December 1, 2015
    • It will be obvious when required. Item one doesn’t require any photo proof


      December 1, 2015
    • And if I’m being vague, it’s because the type of proof will depend on the item. However we will state when you need it and what is required. The wikia page has a little more detail for each item so you can check there for details as we update -though none needed for item one.

      Liked by 1 person

      December 1, 2015

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