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Summer Challenge Update #3


It’s time for a Summer Challenge update! Every two weeks we will be posting an update on the challenge along with some ideas for book locations. Still want to join? We will keep the challenge sign up open until the end of this month. You can learn more about our summer challenge here.

In each update, we will give an honorable mention to the reader who posts our favorite book-location pairing since time of last update. Keep reading to find out who is in the lead and to get some ideas for your book locations.

Frequent Flyers (a.k.a the scoreboard):
Nanny Ogg -12
Tracy S – 12
LibraryCin – 10
Anne Shirley – 9
Chili -9
Aarti -8
Jaenelle Angelline-8
Ursula – 8
Glo-worm – 7
Jean Paget – 7
Rachel Morgan – 7
Sushicat – 7
John -6
Luna – 6
Nicole – 6
Emily -4
Jo March -3
Morgen -3
Second Honeymoon – 3
Tiger Lily – 3
Kate T – 2
Nia -2
Tanya -2
Becky -1
Missy Bee – 1

If you see any errors, let us know! Also we still have several people who haven’t read their first book yet. There is no rush, don’t feel pressured because of the fast readers. You have lots of time and reading even one book will mean you are eligible to win a prize. There’s no prize for completing all your destinations first (although you could win a prize for most read).

Honorable mentions: Jen’s favorite location-book pairing since last update was read by Nanny Ogg with The Ludwig Conspiracy by Oliver Pötzsch for Oktoberfest. Another tough category and she picked a perfect fit. Too bad she didn’t like the book. BookWorm’s favorite location-pairing was read by Chili with East of Eden for California. To be fair this is one of my favourite books of all time so any pairing that could involve it would get my vote.

Friendly Reminder to participants: If you end up needing to buy any books for this challenge, please do so through our Amazon link. If you go to the store first, you can then go to other Amazon pages to find the book you are looking for and Amazon will still know you’re coming from our page.

Need some ideas? Here are some links to help you come up with books for your destinations. We’ll be featuring a few of these links each time we do an update so look out for your location if you feel stuck. Needless to say, all these books would be approved.

Road Trip: Here’s a detailed map of American Literature’s most epic road trips.

Traveling with Kids: You can go several different directions here. You can try reading a children’s book or you could pick a book featuring family relationships, dysfunctional families, etc. Here’s Time’s list of 100 best children’s books.

Wild West: Book Riot has a list of 8 Western Novels for every occasion.

San Diego Zoo: For this destination, you can pick a book that features a zoo, animal preservation, natural history, or a book featuring animals. Here’s a list from Buzzfeed (take that for what it’s worth) of 51 books for animal lovers.

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  1. Thanks for the tips for “San DIego Zoo”. I was making that one much more difficult than it needed to be! I’ll pick something soon and get approval for it. Thanks!


    August 1, 2015

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