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Bookworm’s Life in Books; Nursery Rhymes

Right so you have read my introduction page (of course you have) so you know that my favourite genres are postapocalyptic and dystopian fiction but how did I arrive at this choice, like everything we learn I believe it started at an early age…


A small child carries a hardcover book of nursery rhymes it has a plain brown front as the dust jacket has been lost, approaching the nearest she asks for her favourite nursery rhyme to be read Babes in the Wood the adults roll their thinking not that morbid story again..


Back in the present day whenever the small child (who has now grown up) mentions her favourite nursery rhyme she is greeted with blank stares and the immortal words “What, never heard of it”

So for those of you thinking “What, never heard of it” and for those of you going I vaguely remember that one here it is; Read more