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Winter Reading Challenge


It’s time to officially announce our next reading challenge! Keep reading to see what were are planning and to sign up. Read more

Hour 9 Mini Challenge: Cast your Book

Hello fellow readers and welcome to the 9th hour of the Readathon! We are really excited to be hosting our very first mini challenge. For those of you new to our blog, we hope you take the chance to check it out and if you like what you see follow us here, twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

As book lovers, we know that the book is always better than the movie and we’ve probably all been baffled at some of Hollywood’s choices when it comes to casting our favorite book characters (um, Demi Moore as Hester in the Scarlet letter anyone??). Well now it’s up to you to correct Hollywood’s mistakes. We’re calling all armchair casting directors and asking you to list who you would cast for your book.

The challenge: Tell us (in the comments section of this post) which book you are currently reading and give us your casting choices for the book’s main characters. Tell us who you cast, for what role, and why they fit the role. If you are reading a book that has already been made into a movie, re-cast it with different actors. We will randomly select a winner from among all entries.

Want to step up your game? Post a photo of your casting choice(s) on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #castyourbook.

The prize: Your choice of $15 Amazon or Book Depository gift certificate and a $15 gift card to AMC. Please note that if the winner is an international (outside the US) reader then the prize will be a $30 Amazon gift card since AMC gift cards are only redeemable at movie theaters in the U.S. I’ll contact the winner within a few hours of the close of the mini challenge.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with for your casting decisions. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading for the rest of the day!

Winner: And the randomly selected winner for this challenge is…Stormi Johnson. Congrats! I will be contacting you over email to arrange your prize. 

Olympics Reading Challenge: Final results and prizes


This summer several of our readers joined us in a reading challenge based on the Summer Olympics. Readers were put into teams of 5 participants and each team worked together to select countries for each Olympic event. Olympic events were paired up with book categories. For example, weightlifting event was paired with “read a book over 600 pages.” There were 24 events and each team had to find books that would match the country they sponsored and the book category. It was a pretty work intensive challenge and Book Worm and I were impressed by how well each team did in terms of selecting their countries and finding books that matched both the country and the sports/book category. Four of the five teams completed all 24 categories and stretched their reading to find some crazy matches — a Kazakhstan philosophy-themed book! Today it’s time to announce the winners of our various prizes. Read more

Summer Olympics Reading Challenge Update

Those of you who are regular followers of our blog know that we’ve been hosting a summer reading challenge based on the 2016 summer Olympics. With only four more days left in the challenge, we thought we’d post an update. Five teams of 5 people have been competing for a chance to win cool bookish prizes. Here’s how things are going… Read more

Summer Reading Challenge: 4 more days to join!

olympicsThere are four more days to join our fun summer reading challenge and earn the chance to win some cool bookish prizes! This  summer we will be hosting an Olympics-themed reading game. You will work with teams to pick out Olympic teams to sponsor for various sports categories. All reading and prizes will be awarded for individual reading so teams are more about meeting other readers and brainstorming strategy, although all members of the winning team will win a $5 Amazon gift card.

To read the full rules, check out our challenge page. We expect this to be a fun team activity that will challenge you to expand your reading horizons by pushing you to pick books to match the countries your team sponsors. Participants will be randomly assigned into teams by us. Teams will pick countries together but individual players will get to pick which books they want to read for various sports categories (sports categories will be matched to general book categories). Keep reading to see what kind of prizes you could win. Read more

The Reader’s Room Summer Reading Challenge


With just a few days to go until we officially end our March Madness challenge (winners will be announced in early July), we decided that it was time to announce our summer reading challenge! As you might have guessed by the image, we’ll be hosting a reading Olympics challenge. Keep reading to find out more. We hope you join in. Read more

Ugly Book Covers: Vote for the Ugliest!

Over the winter we hosted a scavenger hunt challenge. One item on the list was to read a book with an ugly cover. Participants were competing against each other to find (and read) the book with the ugliest book cover.  Now we need your help to pick the  winner!  Read more

Read Different Challenge

diverse books

Diversity in reading has always been important to me and it’s something I have tracked in my own reading for several years. So I’d like to propose a challenge to our readers and hope you all join me in tacking our latest informal challenge. Read more

Most Beautiful Book Cover Winner

Beautiful book spines
This year we are hosting a scavenger hunt challenge which involves a few hidden prizes. The first of those prizes was a challenge to find (and read) the book with the most beautiful book cover. Participants competed against each other to select the book they thought would win. Two weeks ago we asked all of you to help us pick the winner. The votes are in! With 66 votes, the winner is… Read more

Beautiful Book Covers: We Need your help!

Over the winter we hosted a scavenger hunt challenge. One item on the list was a book with beautiful cover. Participants were competing against each other to find (and read) the book with the most beautiful book cover.  Now we need your help to pick the  winner! The winner of this item will get to take home a beautiful Folio Society edition of a favorite book. Keep reading to vote on which book cover you think is the most beautiful. Read more