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Camp Zero by Author Michelle Min Sterling


Camp Zero by Author Michelle Min Sterling
UK Publication: March 2023
Reviewed by: Book Worm
Rating: [★★★★]

This ARC was provided by John Murray Press (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review.

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Synopsis from Goodreads: In a near-future northern settlement, a handful of climate change survivors find their fates intertwined in this mesmerizing and transportive novel in the vein of Station Eleven and The Power.

In the far north of Canada sits Camp Zero, an American building project hiding many secrets.

Desperate to help her climate-displaced Korean immigrant mother, Rose agrees to travel to Camp Zero and spy on its architect in exchange for housing. She arrives at the same time as another newcomer, a college professor named Grant who is determined to flee his wealthy family’s dark legacy. Gradually, they realize that there is more to the architect than previously thought, and a disturbing mystery lurks beneath the surface of the camp. At the same time, rumors abound of an elite group of women soldiers living and working at a nearby Cold War-era climate research station. What are they doing there? And who is leading them?

An electrifying page-turner where nothing is as it seems, Camp Zero cleverly explores how the intersection of gender, class, and migration will impact who and what will survive in a warming world.

My Thoughts: This was a really interesting book somewhere between dystopian fiction and a thriller.

The story is told through 3 very distinct narrators Rose a high class prostitute expanding her horizons from the floating city to scout out what is happening in the frozen North. Grant a teacher who while trying to escape his family accepts a job that is not what it promised to be and White Alice a group of women working alone in the North as an outpost of humanity increasingly cut-off from the rest of the world.

While all the voice are unique and interesting it is the way these stories eventually come together that really made the book pop for me.

This is one you need to read and discover the cross overs for yourself so I am not going to say anymore.

Who would like this? I would recommend this to those who enjoy dystopian fiction, humans at the end of the world stories, survival stories and those who enjoy escaping this world into a different future.

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