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Booker International 2022 Our Shortlist Predictions



Which books do we think will make the cut?

Our highly scientific ranking system predicts that these books will make the short list:

Elena Knows 18.25
Books of Jacob 18.25
Cursed Bunny17.17
Heaven 16.5
Tomb of Sand 16.25
Happy Stories, Mostly 16

BookWorm’s Predictions: Well I only managed to read 5 and a half books from the longlist so my predictions are likely to be wrong but here goes:

Books of Jacob
More Than I Love My Life
Cursed Bunny
Elena Knows
Tomb of Sand

Tracy’s Predictions: In no particular order: 

Cursed Bunny: I really hope this collection of stories makes the shortlist- I loved it. 
Elena Knows: Another one that was brilliantly written. I want to be as spunky as Elena when I grow up. 
Heaven: A sad, hard look at growing up, but well worth the read. 
Paradais: A scathing look at toxic masculinity, and I was riveted to it.
More Than I Love My Life: A moving generational story that was handled deftly. 
Tomb of Sand- one of the chunkier books has to be there

Rachel’s Predictions: Here are my predictions for the shortlist – four I thoroughly enjoyed, one that I don’t understand the appeal of, and one that I’m yet to read:

The Books of JacobCursed Bunny
Elena Knows 
A New NamePhenotypes 
Tomb of Sand

I’ll be over the moon if Love in the Big City replaces A New Name – but I just don’t think it’s Bookerish enough!

Which books do you think will make the shortlist? Let us know

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