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Read Around the World September 2021 – San Marino


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Well September flew by in a haze of Booker books hence the late posting of our world tour so without further ado San Marino here we come…

Fun facts about San Marino from this website:

  • A Christian stonemason named Marinus founded it in A.D. 301.
  • The San Marino flag was officially adopted on April 6, 1862. The blue color on the flag represents the skies and white represents the snow covering Mt. Titano.
  • San Marino did not participate in World War I and World War II, and remained neutral.
  • The first commemorative stamps in the country were issued in 1894.
  • The country has lost all of their 30 World Cup and European Championship qualifying matches since 2008.
  • Geographically San Marino is the third smallest state in Europe, and the landlocked nation also claims to be the world’s oldest republic.
  • In area, the country is one-third the size of Washington, DC.
  • San Marino is surrounded on all sides by Italy. So it just has one bordering country.
  • People of San Marino are known as Sammarinese.
  • Napoleon also offered to help the country extend its territory (1797), however his offer was politely refused by high ranking officials from the country at that time.
  • The country is also the world’s only nation to witness a communist government which was democratically elected into power.

Well to say the reading choice for San Marino is limited would be a massive understatement. Indeed myself and the usual suspects from Litsy all ended up reading the same book with varying degrees of enjoyment.

The book we found to read? A Freak Of Freedom; Or, The Republic Of San Marino by James Theodore Bent. This book gives a comprehensive overview of San Marino without getting bogged down in too much detail or becoming too academic a delicate balance which the author manages (in my opinion) to pull off rather nicely.

For me this was a 3 star read which is a good rating as I really don’t do non-fiction. I found the narrative interesting with just the right balance of information including some local folklore.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about one of the smallest republics in the world.

Did you join our travels this month? What did you choose to read?

October means our world tour is moving on to Guinea-Bissau what are your reading plans?

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