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Booker International Shortlist 2021 – The War of the Poor

35. Éric Vuillard - The War of the Poor cover 2

Will this one win the Booker war?

BookWorm’s Thoughts: Not sure why this even made the list it in no way fits the spirt of the criteria.

Why This Could Win: While it reads like a school history/religious education essay it is actually quite poetic in style and I found myself highlighting several paragraphs that I found meaningful.

Why It Might Not Win: Because it should never have been on the list to start with?

Tracy’s Thoughts:

Why it could win: Not sure. Maybe if the judges are feeling especially contrary? Because it’s really short?

Why it might not win: It seems like a parody of historical fiction, or a junior high student who used Wikipedia as the soul source for facts for a paper. Honestly, it just isn’t good.

Rachel’s Thoughts: I didn’t hate it. I’m just very confused as to why it’s on the shortlist. 

Why it could win: The judges are very keen on works on the fiction/non-fiction border. Müntzer was about making God accessible to the people; this is his story in it’s briefest, most accessible form.

Why it might not win: I’m aware I’m missing something vitally important here, but I don’t see this as experimental, innovative or outstanding. Or fiction, come to that.

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