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Booker International Longlist 2021 – Our Shortlist Predictions

Booker International 2021 our Shortlist Predictions

Who do we think will make the shortlist and do we agree on this list?

The shortlist as predicted by our highly scientific rating system will be:

When We Cease to Understand the World 19/20
At Night all Blood is Black 18/20
The Dangers of Smoking in Bed 18/20
Summer Brother 17.5/20
I Live in the Slums 17.25/20
The Pear Field 17/20

BookWorm’s Predictions: I have only read 3 books from the longlist so my prediction will be those 3 and then the 3 I would most like to read of the others:

In Memory of Memory
The Perfect Nine
An Inventory of Losses
When We Cease to Understand the World
I Live in the Slums
The Employees

Rachel’s Predictions: Last year I managed to predict a spectacular two for the shortlist. Let’s see if I do any worse this year! I genuinely have no idea what the judges are looking for, but they seem to be leaning towards non-fiction-heavy-fiction and more experimental styles, so:

I Live in the Slums
Minor Detail
When We Cease to Understand the World
The Perfect Nine
In Memory of Memory

Tracy’s Predictions: I was split this year- there were some that I loved, and some that I really really didn’t. For the most part, most of them fell strongly on the side of meh. A few were brilliant in their originality or the writing quality, but the plot or execution was not to my liking. Others were not original, but the execution or plot was terrific.

So, since my track record has been so accurate (HAHA!) here are the six I feel will be the short list:

  1. The Employees- I finally got to this one and hope it will do well.
  2. When We Cease to Understand the World- this has originality and excellent writing, I think it’s got a really good chance.
  3. I Live in the Slums- so weird. So so weird.
  4. At Night All Blood is Black- hard to read, but well done.
  5. In Memory of Memory- very original take on family history.
  6. Wretchedness- there has to be one stream of consciousness book. Plus, since I hated this so much, I’m hoping I just jinxed it.

I didn’t put my favorite from the list on here- The Dangers of Smoking in Bed. I hope I’m wrong, and it gets listed.

Who do you think will make it? Let us know

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