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Booker International Shortlist 2020: Hurricane Season


Bookworm’s Thoughts: As you know from my previous review this was not a book for me I would not have put in on the shortlist therefore it goes without saying that I will not be predicting it as the winner.

Why it might win: The judges like their reading dark and offensive.

Why it might not win: The world could do with some lightness now not more darkness.

Tracy’s Thoughts: Why it could win: It’s edgy, and the writing shows signs of brilliance. The story is hard to forget.

Why it might not win: It crosses a line with animal abuse. The story lacks cohesiveness. I can see this author doing well in the future, though.

RachelO’s Thoughts: I’m pausing this at the 20% mark. I am intending to come back to it, but it’s not a book for me for now.Why it could win: Intense, effective, relentless, exhausting writing. Current, with topics of misogyny on misogyny.
Why it might not win: I can’t be the only person craving lighter more optimistic reads right now?

What do you think could this be the international winner?

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