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Booker International Shortlist 2020: The Discomfort of Evening


Shortlist book 1 – Discomforting is the right word but what did the panel make of this one?

Bookworm’s Thoughts: Well anyone who paid attention to our longlist reviews will know that I hated this book with a passion and wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. My co-reviewers appreciated it a lot more than I did. Unfortunately I agree with RachelO that this stands a good chance of winning.

Why it could win: It’s dark, it’s disturbing and it will take most readers way outside their comfort zone. Plus the fact I hate it that is normally a good indicator of a winning book.

Why it might not win: Because it is so dark and disturbing maybe in light of the current state of the world the judges will take pity on us and select something lighter.

Tracy’s Thoughts: Why it could win: Another dark and timely story, wrapped in a quirky coming of age+grief package.

Why it might not win: The child abuse, coupled with the disturbing story and darkness. Not an easy read.

RachelO’s Thoughts: I appreciated but didn’t enjoy this book. Beneath the unpleasant and discomforting story line, there were many truths and interesting ideas. And the writing was great!

Why it could win: Memorable, affecting, and beautifully written with much ‘buzz’. I think it stands a good chance of winning (sorry BookwormM!)

Why it might not win: I was so happy to finish it and know I didn’t need to read it again.

What do you think is this the winning book? Let us know in comments

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