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Book vs TV Adaptation: Dracula


Netflix and the BBC offer a new take on an old favourite but have they pulled it off?

Well in terms of an accurate adaptation of the book this show is a massive fail barely any of the original story survives in tact…

However as a horror TV series goes this was a definite win for me. Episodes 1 & 2 were much stronger than the final episode and I think that was largely due to the setting. 1 & 2 have the traditional historical setting while episode 3 mixed things up a bit.

The best bit of this latest adaptation in my opinion was the casting and portrayal of Van Helsing rather that the typical all guns blazing that you normally see in TV & Film this Van Helsing was more in keeping with the book, intellectual and interested in finding the answers rather than hell bent on destruction.

If you don’t mind liberties being taken with literature I would recommend this series, not convinced watch the trailer below and then decide…

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  1. I’ve put this show on my Netflix list, though I must admit I’m a bit skeptical. I love the source material and I actually quite liked the Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dracula show that came out about five years ago (and lasted one sad season). I’m glad to hear that even if this one doesn’t really follow the book, it at least holds up as a horror show.


    January 8, 2020

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