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MBI 2019 Our Predictions for Winner


The winner of this years Man Booker International prize will be announced on the 21st of May so what are the panels predictions for the winner?

The Shape of the Ruins:  Tracy – Not my favorite on the shortlist- conspiracy theories aren’t my thing. But I could easily see this winning- the writing was very well done.

Book Worm – I really enjoyed this book and compared to the other books that made the shortlist this is what I would call the heavy weight contender. I think this could well be the winner because of its heavy weight credentials, the historical detail and the popular inclusion of conspiracy theories.

Emily – Please no. I found this so boring I could barely get through it, it was one of the least enjoyable books I’ve read this year. But other people liked it and some are calling it a favourite to win so maybe I should start preparing myself. 

The Years: Tracy – I very much enjoyed this. The writing was fantastic, the story was compelling. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it wins.

Book Worm – Personally I was underwhelmed by this book I liked what it was trying to do but felt that it was lacking something in the execution. Why it might win – the way it is written is original and it is giving a woman’s eye view of history and this year is very much about listening to women’s voices.

Emily – The structure of this one as a genre bending look at personal and shared history could very much win – it seems to fit the MBI’s general taste and it would fit in will with Fitzcarraldo Editions having such a big moment right now. 

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead: Tracy – I really had fun reading this one. It was light, and it reminded me of people I know. I would be really surprised if Tokarczuk won two years in a row, though.

Book Worm – This is probably my favourite from the list I loved everything about this story that had me giggling out loud. Why it could win – the story is original, it was great fun to read and I can see it having mass appeal. I don’t think it will win because the author won last year.

Emily – Probably my favourite of the list, just the right amount believable, atmospheric, surreal. I’d love for it to win so badly, but I don’t realistically think they’d give it to the same author two years in a row. 

The Remainder: Tracy – Loved this one! It was fresh, topical, and enjoyable to read. Keeping my fingers crossed for it to win.

Book Worm – I loved this book it was the right amount of weird to really appeal to me. Why it might win – the story is great, I love the idea of accounting for all the dead and looking at how the past affects the present and the future, the publishers are independents and I would really love to see an independent publisher win if only so that more people read this great book.

Emily – My other favourite with Drive Your Plough and I would love a win for this one. Characters, concept, setting, mix of political themes with magic realism, I adored every minute of it and I’d love to see it win. 

The Pine Islands: Tracy – Please don’t let this one win. I really disliked the whole idea of this book- especially the foreigner telling the native about the native culture, after asking the native to be his guide. Ugh.

Book Worm – Unlike Tracy I enjoyed this book and feel that its charm lies in how Gilbert develops as the story progresses. Why it might win – while I enjoyed this one I can’t actually see it winning and that is because of the points Tracy makes it is a western foreigner talking down to an eastern national about his own country.

Emily – I’ll admit it – I didn’t read this one. Maybe it won’t win because it ended up at the bottom of my list somehow, maybe it will win because that would serve me right [insert shrug emoji] 

Celestial Bodies: Tracy – Not available in the US yet, so I haven’t read it. But I will when it comes out!

Book Worm – another book I really enjoyed this one requires concentration to follow the multiple storylines that are pulled together. Why it might win – the book shows the reader a slice of life in Oman, it is a story about women told by women and I think this year we will have a female winner.

Emily – If this won, it would be because of its slow, well-crafted character development and detailed web of interrelationships. Though it was very good, I didn’t find it all that memorable.

Predictions: Tracy – The Shape of the Ruins. But I’m pulling for The Remainder.

Book Worm – I am going to predict that The Remainder will win because female author and independent publisher I am sure this is a winning combination then add the fact that it is a brilliant book and we have a winner.

Emily – So overall, what I’ll be personally praying for is Drive Your Plough or The Remainder, but particularly Drive Your Plough I don’t honestly think is realistic. I have a terrible feeling it might be The Shape of the Ruins. I’m sure I’ll find a way to live with it if so. 

Our highly scientific ratings system predicts that The Remainder will win.

What are your predictions for the winner?

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  1. I will post in the morning of the day, but I also go for the Remainder. I cannot reveal what our shadow panel chose as the winner, I will reveal it in the same post


    May 18, 2019

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