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MBI 2019 Longlist: At Dusk by Sok-yong


Number 7 we are now over halfway through the longlist, hurray, so how did panellist Tracy rate this contender?

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MBI 2019 Longlist: Love in the New Millennium by Can Xue


Book 6 and we are handing you back over to panellist Tracy for this one…

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MBI 2019 Longlist: The Faculty of Dreams by Sara Stridsberg


Book Number 5 – read and rated by Book Worm.

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MBI 2019 Longlist: Four Soldiers by Hubert Mingarelli


Book 4 this one has been read and reviewed by panellist Tracy read on to learn what she thought…

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MBI 2019 The Death of Murat Idrissi by Tommy Wieringa


Book 3 this one has only been tackled by me, Book Worm, as and when the other panellists read this the post will be updated with their opinions. You will see various posts with only 1 reviewer to start with this is because the deadline for the Shortlist announcement is so tight we are spreading resources to cover as many books as we can.

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MBI 2019 Longlist: Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk


Our 2nd longlist book this one was read by panellists Book Worm and Tracy.

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Read Around the World: South Sudan


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MBI 2019 Longlist: Celestial Bodies by Jokha Altharthi


The first book read and reviewed by our panellists Book Worm and Emily is Celestial Bodies by Jokha Altharthi.

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MBI 2019 Meet The Readers Room Panel


You know the books now lets get to know the 2 people mad enough to join me on this panel…

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2019 Book March Madness

march madness

Do you love reading challenges? Our March Madness Book challenge is back. Books get paired with college basketball teams and you get to try and predict which basketball teams will win. You get extra points for reading books that advance in the tournament (books advance based on whether their basketball team partner wins or loses their match).

Book brackets have been posted on our challenge page. Sheet 1 is the basketball bracket, sheet 2 is the book bracket, sheet three is the list of books with authors. You will pick your bracket on the CBS sports page by picking basketball teams. Those teams will be matched with books in the order you see them in the bracket – think about placing one bracket on top of the other and you will see how they match up.

Participants have one day to sign up – you must sign up and fill out your bracket before the tournament starts (tomorrow at noon EST).

Full instructions can be found on our challenge page. Click here: March Madness Challenge

Good luck readers!!