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2017 Man Booker longlist: Our predictions


The 2017 Man Booker longlist will be announced on July 27. Those of you who follow our blog know that we are obsessed with the Man Booker and for the last two years, BW and I have tried to read our way through the entire long list in order to make our predictions. This year our panel comes back together to make predictions on which book will win the prize. Our panel this year is comprised of BW and myself along with three contributors: Nicole, Lisa, and Andrew. Nicole and Andrew were part of the panel last year and Lisa joins us this year. We also have a guest reviewer who will step in to help out when needed. Book Worm and I will be attempting to read all the nominated books and our three contributors will be helping out along the way.

Each panel member made predictions for which books will make the longlist. Panelists were able to nominate up to 13 books for the list but some chose to nominate fewer. Here are our thoughts and predictions: Read more