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One week until Book Expo 2016


In what is an admittedly self-serving post, I’d like to let our readers know that I will be attending Book Expo this year and am looking for your helpful tips. The giant book convention will take place May 11-May 14 in Chicago. It will be my first time attending and I’m looking for helpful tips and suggestions. I did not register for the bloggers convention but have been debating whether I should try and register for that when I arrive. For those of you have been before, what things do you recommend? Should I attend the bloggers convention on the first day or just wander around exploring on my own?

I’ve been looking forward to attending this all year. My birthday happens to fall in May so I justified taking a week off from my day job as a birthday present to myself.

I’ll be blogging about my experience attending the event and would love to meet up with any fellow bloggers. If you are planning on attending and want to meet up, let me know.  I love meeting readers and fellow bloggers! I will be your loyal friend for life if any of you want to join me for lunch or dinner at a Rick Bayless restaurant (I also happen to be obsessed with Top Chef).


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