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Winter Scavenger Hunt Update

scavenger hunt list
It has been a really fun challenge and lots of you have participated. Book Worm and I have enjoyed seeing all of your photos and creativity. Phase one of the challenge ended but the competition runs through the end of this year with additional prizes. Keep reading to find out who one our first prize and to learn more about future prize announcements.

Our first prize goes to Jan. Jan complete all 31 items with time to spare. Congratulations are in order because some of the items were quite challenging. A few others were right on her tail but Jan completed her last item in the nick of time, just barely edging out her competition. Initially our first prize was going to be something that unfortunately doesn’t ship outside the U.S. so I had to change things up a little. Jan, you win a 12-month subscription to the Willoughby Book Club. I will contact you to collect some information that I will need for the subscription.

Here’s how the rest of the challenge will work. There will be an additional 5 prizes awarded, four of the winners will be decided on with the help of you, our lovely readers. Here are the prizes:

Runner up prize: 3-month subscription to a Mystery box subscription. This is not a bookish item but rather a prize in the theme of a scavenger hunt. It is a monthly box containing items (puzzles, newspaper clips, info sheets) for your to try and solve a mystery. Depending on how well our Amazon account does over the course of the year, we may up this to a 6-month subscription (so support us by buying through our amazon links). The winner will be a randomly selected participant from among all those who complete all 31 challenge items by end of calendar year. This prize is only available to U.S. participants however, should the winner be an international participant, we will substitute it for another prize of the same monetary value.

Hidden Item prizes (we are revealing the hidden items today): These items come with a prize for the person whose selection is voted the winner. We will start awarding those prizes on May 15 then one a month through August 15th. Here are the items that will be awarded prizes based on voting. Any books submitted and completed prior to the voting date (the first of each month) will be entered into the voting for prize selection.

1. Most Beautiful book cover (voting May 1 – May 14, winner announced May 15)
2. Ugliest book cover (voting June 1 – June 14, winner announced June 15)
3. Funniest book cover (voting July 1 – July 14, winner announced July 14)
4. Holiday gift exchange, Item 25. Winner will be determined by how many people from the challenge read each nominated book.

The prizes for these hidden items will be revealed on the first of every month along with the voting. Prizes for these items will range in cost from $25-$75 (again, depends on how well our Amazon account does).

We want to hear from you! How are you doing in the challenge so far? Which items were your favorites and least favorites? Have any of the items been particularly hard to complete? Which ones? Did any of the items take you out of your reading comfort zone?

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  1. wow, nicely done everybody! Wish I could have participated more. Life got in the way. Super fun challenge, I’d do it again in better circumstances.

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    April 1, 2016
  2. Wow, what an incredible prize, thank you! I have to say I’ve completely loved this challenge. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone on interacting with an author, but I’m so glad I did. I read some unexpected books. On reflection, I think Effi Briest and Uncle Janice were my favourites. I still think about both books and their heroines.

    Thank you Jen and BookWorm for the hard work you put into getting the challenge together. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it too.

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    April 1, 2016
  3. I read four books: Leviathan Wakes (stars on the cover); The Shore (water on the cover); Did You Ever Have a Family (no graphics on the cover); and The Beautiful Bureaucrat (fruit on the cover). All great books — Family was my favorite and The Shore was my least favorite. Just too dark for me. Fun challenge, I wish I’d had more time to participate!

    Liked by 1 person

    April 2, 2016
    • Remember the challenge officially goes through end of year for a few final prizes so there’s no rush. You did pretty well. I also really liked the Clegg book


      April 2, 2016

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