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Book Survey: Final chance to help us out!


Starting March 1 we will be posting our Book March Madness brackets for anyone who wants to participate in our challenge but we need your help! This will be our last request and we’re hoping all our wonderful readers can pitch in and help us. Plus you’ll get a chance to win a $15 gift card!

A few of our challenge participants (the first 20 who signed up) nominated three books each. We’ve compiled a list of 64 books to correspond to each of the 64 teams who will make it into the NCAA basketball tournament. We need your help rating these books. The survey takes 10-15 minutes (less time if you are familiar with most of the books).

Help us out and you not only can win $15 gift card (entry for the raffle is at the end of the survey) but you can also help out some of our participants. And, if you choose to join the challenge, you get to play a role in ensuring the books you are most interesting in reading, get ranked highly. You may even find a few books to add to your TBR!

Thanks in advance! We love all our readers and know you’ll come through for us! You can find the survey here: March Madness Book Survey

Want to join our challenge? We’ll be posting the brackets for the game on March first and official play starts on the same day as the NCAA basketball tournament. Read more here.