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Summer Challenge Update #4


It’s time for a Summer Challenge update! Every two weeks we will be posting an update on the challenge along with some ideas for book locations. In each update, we will give an honorable mention to the reader who posts our favorite book-location pairing since time of last update. Keep reading to find out who is in the lead and to get some ideas for your book locations.

Note: Over the next few weeks, you may notice additional numbers next to your name on the scoreboard. These will be page counts of what you have read thus far. All page counts will be taken from the GoodReads primary edition of the book you have read (so may be slightly different than the edition you read). This will help determine one of the prizes (most well travelled) at the end of the challenge.

Frequent Flyers: 
Tracy S – 17
Nanny Ogg -15 (+ 3 for tour group when all completed)
Anne Shirley – 14
LibraryCin – 13
Chili -11
Aarti -9
Glo-worm – 9 (+3 for tour group when all completed)
Rachel Morgan – 9
Ursula – 9
Jaenelle Angelline-8 (+3 for tour group when all completed)
Jean Paget – 8
Sushicat – 8
Luna – 8 (+3 for tour group when all have completed)
Nicole – 7
Second Honeymoon – 7
John -6
Emily -5
Jo March -4
Tiger Lily – 4
Morgen -3
Becky -3
Kate T – 2
Nia -2
Tanya -2
Missy Bee – 1

If you see any errors, let us know! If you still haven’t read a book, you have lots of time and reading even one book will mean you are eligible to win a prize.

Honorable mentions: Jen’s favorite location-book pairing since last update was read by Jean Paget with Three Weeks with my Brother for World Heritage Site. While I dislike Nicholas Sparks as an author, the book choice was clever because it covered multiple world heritage sites.  BookWorm’s favorite location-pairing was read by Aarti with The Passion by Jeanette Winterson for Venice.

Friendly Reminder to participants: If you end up needing to buy any books for this challenge, please do so through our Amazon link. If you go to the store first, you can then go to other Amazon pages to find the book you are looking for and Amazon will still know you’re coming from our page.

Need some ideas? Here are some links to help you come up with books for your destinations. We’ll be featuring a few of these links each time we do an update so look out for your location if you feel stuck. Needless to say, all these books would be approved.

Ghost Town: People have come up with a lot of clever books for this category. If you’re stuck, you can think about reading a book about abandoned towns or a scary/horror book. Here’s a list from Flavorwire of the 50 scariest books of all time. And, here’s a list of the 10 best ghost stories from Publisher’s weekly.

Weekend Getaway: This is a category where you can either read a novella or a short story collection. The Guardian has a list of their best short story collections (and they have quite a few really good recommendations). Powell’s book store has a list of their “best story collections of the 21st century.” Finally, here’s another flavor wire list of novellas or “the best two hours of your weekend.”

Survival/Wilderness Camp: You can go in multiple directions for this category. You can read a survival book, a non-fiction book about adventures/expeditions/survival. You could also go in for a dystopian or post-apocalyptic book. This category will allow you to be flexible and think outside the box. Here is a list of 100 adventure books compiled by National Geographic. Here is a list from Business insider titled, “8 Incredible true tales of survival.” Finally, you can check out Time Magazine’s list of Top 10 Post-apocalyptic books or the Guardian’s top 10 list (some overlap).

Spiritual Retreat: This is another category where you can think outside the box and use your creativity. At the most obvious level you could pick a book that has an obvious religious or spiritual theme. Here’s one book of the “10 most influential spiritual books of the past 50 years.”. If you want to go in a different direction, you could try one of these books from buzz feed’s books that will change your life – focused on personal identity and search for meaning.


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  1. Was on 4 when you wrote this – am on 6 now and approval for #7 is up ready for your consideration 🙂


    August 9, 2015

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