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Happy Father’s Day

father's day

My husband and daughter several years ago. Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful dads out there! We hope your day is filled with joy, relaxation and good literature!

In honor of father’s day, we are listing our top literary fathers. Read more

Spring Challenge Results!

It’s official. Our Spring Cleaning Challenge is finally over and we have some winners to announce. You all did an amazing job cleaning up your TBR shelves while I unfortunately added to mine. As a group you read over 100 books. Our top two participants combined read over 50 of those books!

Our grand prize winner was selected at random. Each book you read counted for one entry and the winning entry was  selected using

So without further ado, here our winners:

Grand Prize: Becky. Congrats to Becky! She wins a box packed with books and book-related goodies. Included in the box are the following items: book tote bag, literary teas, a personal library kit, bookmarks, a book journal, an adult coloring book, a $25 Amazon gift card, and a selection of 9 new books from a variety of genres. Books include a graphic novel, 2 non-fiction books, a classic, a short story collection, a science fiction book, a comedic fantasy, contemporary fiction, and magical realism/romance novel. Becky – please send me an email with your mailing address for the box. Here’s a glimpse of what she gets:

book prize

Most read: Our first place prize goes to Kate who received and incredible 26 points. Even more impressive, she even read Infinite Jest by Wallace for which she received 3 points. Kate wins a $40 gift card to Amazon.

First Review posted: Anita. She posted the first review in the challenge – The Housekeeper and the Professor by Ogawa. She wins: a pair of library card socks & a book lover’s journal. Anita – I will also need your mailing address. The socks crack me up.

Last Review Posted: This technically goes to Kate but since we limited everyone to one prize, the runner up gets the prize. Lynsey posted the second to last review of Adichie’s Americanah. Lynsey wins: A hardcopy edition of Judy Blume’s new book, In the Unlikely Event that was released earlier this month.

So congrats to all the winners. We hope that even if you didn’t win, you enjoyed the challenge.

And, if you didn’t win, there’s always the next challenge. I’ve already started collecting prize materials for the summer prizes. Sign up for our Summer challenge that begins today!

What did you think of the challenge? Which was your favorite TBR read? Which was your least favorite?