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Love it or Hate it? American Psycho by Ellis


Have you ever noticed how some books seem to drive a wedge between people? You check the reviews and find almost no middle-of-the-road ratings. Instead people either seem to love it or hate it. Welcome to the Love it or Hate it post! Each month, we’ll pick one book to review and two contributors will battle it out to convince you to pick it up or throw it out. Last month we discussed Stranger in A Strange Land by Heinlein. The results were close with the “Love its” taking 56%.  I was the “Hate it” reviewer (to be fair I didn’t hate the book but I hated elements of it) and Charisma was the “Love it” reviewer. Many thanks to Charisma for helping us out last minute.

This month’s selection is also on Boxall’s 1001 List of Books to Read before you Die. So the question is… do you Love it or Hate it? Continue reading to find see our two reviews. Make sure to vote in our poll at the bottom of the post even if you haven’t read it. Read more